Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If you think that riding on public transportation is for losers. You may be right.
But it's also a great place to see the people soup that happens along the south coast of Massachusetts and to sketch them when they're not looking. It makes for some funny little cartoons!
I'll have to show you later!


New England Bites said...

Hi Ed! Haven't talked to you in quite a while.

This post just cracked me up. I didn't get my license until I was 21 so I spent a lot of years staring at the slack-jawed yokels (ala The Simpsons) that ride the bus. It was horrific. I still have nightmares about the guy with the bowed legs, the women with the fanny pack, and the man with no chin.

Laura :)

Edward S. Smith Jr. said...

What's funny is somtimes people will catch me sketching them and get mad, or worse!
They'll see that I'm drawing someone else, come over and almost challenge me to draw them, and when it begins to look good, they'll ask to keep it.
My immediate reaction is a calm 'I'm sorry, this is my sketchbook, I really don't like tearing out the pages.'
On the inside however, I'm feeling pretty insulted. I'm a professional, as a freelancer, I can bill out at fifty to seventy five dollars an hour. Not that there's a job to be had anywhere, but still . . .
Believe me, SRTA has a new cast of character to offer and I've been traveling between New Bedford and Fall River, so that cast is beginning to widen and grow.
You're right, it has been a long time, you should request me on MySpace, I don't get enough friendly faces to brighten my day.

New England Bites said...

Awww, wish I could, my dear. I don't have MySpace anymore. I got sick of updating two pages ( and MySpace). Plus, there were a few people on there that started to get a little weird. No thanks. I'll just keep my food blog, lol. It's safer. I mean, who stalks a food blogger?

You should hang out in Oak Grove Cemetery. It is beautiful there. I take my walks there - whenever I feel like walking. I don't live nearby, but I'll also drive to it. It's quiet, you could get a lot of sketching done of the graves and walkers, and the dead people don't seem to mind. I think even Lizzie is OK with it!!!

Edward S. Smith Jr. said...

That's actually not a bad idea. It's not far from my apartment, the walk is good for my health and it doesn't cost me any money.
Thanks, I think I'll try doing that sometime!
I still have to scan my Tim Horton's and SRTA Sketches and put them up here, though.

Myspace being used for stalkers? Unheard of!

New England Bites said...

LOL, yes. "Unheard of."

I am going to start walking again - probably tomorrow. Please don't sketch me while I'm sweating and out of breath. It's not very ladylike.

Edward S. Smith Jr. said...

Wait, if that's not lady like, then I've been very unlady like by sketching people at their worst.

Still, I'll honor your request and not sketch any of the sweaty people I might see there.

I'm going to scan and post now. Hope you and anyone else who comes across them will comment on them. More importantly, I hope that they like them.