Friday, September 5, 2008

Smallville Kharma Boomerang

First things first.
A poorly laid out, quickly done illustration of my new obsession.
What can I say? I've been going through some stuff lately, a really good friend comes over. We're sitting on the couch, trying to make me feel better about aforementioned drama and she wants to watch Smallville. (Um, yeah. I can have friends that are girls even though I'm a guy. I've been doing it since High School, so get over it.)
It's the episode where they elude to the Justice League being formed and it was not only rife with references, it wasn't too bad.
From there, I was loaned the first three seasons of Smallville and sketched this bit out roughly while I was on my couch, engaged in the Dawson-esque adventures of the Man of Tomorrow. I promised myself that I would work on another sketch, only this one would be laid out better and a bit more care, time and consideration would be paid to this next sketch.

As with everything I do, feel free to comment, but make sure your opinions are explained. I HATE hearing 'This sucks' and no reason for that opinion being given.
An artist has to learn from his mistakes to grow and who knows? Maybe the bit of criticism that you give me today could help me greatly tomorrow?

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