Monday, August 4, 2008

The Adventures of Mr. Yuk in My Tummy.

Man, what a crap day.
Tired, throat's sore, I just feel warm, grumpy, aggravated and all i want to do is be in the middle of a huge, soft blanket and a hug.
However, financial woes must prevail and I have to go to the Salt Mines! Maybe I'm whiny, maybe I'm a big Whuss, maybe I just like to complain. (No kidding! Isn't that what the blogging community was MADE for?!?)
So, eight hours goes by. Work, aggravation over shoddy workflow procedures, craptacular computer files archiving practices and projects that the boss has to have by the end of the day (Given to me at the end of the day.).
Sounds like Office Space huh?

Anywho. Matt's sick. My poor little boy, I wish I could hold him and make him feel a lot better right now. I know it would make me feel a lot better right now too.

Tired, aggravated, missing my kids, and it's all this guy's fault for setting up Shanty town in my tummy.
Thanks a lot, Jerk.

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