Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Throwing This out There . . .

I haven't really sketched anything in a while. Well, that's not entirely true.
I've doodled on some Post-Its at work, but nothing really came from them. I did come up with a pretty funny idea for some T-Shirt designs.
Kiss My Bum. That's all I'm going to say.
I work just about everyday in Illustrator, so I'm getting a lot faster in it, and seeing what it truly capable of doing, which enhances the things I can do when I get home. One of the things I was working on a while back is an Illustration of my Kids on a Rocket ship. It was looking pretty good, but a move into a new apartment and a bunch of unpacking and cleaning sort of sidetracked me. Here's the nose cone art for that rocket ship. I hope that you can appreciate the cuteness of it all, considering its supposed to be a simplified illustration for and about my kids.

Yeah, I know, sacchariney cute, right? Well, tough 'cause that's how I feel about those two children of mine! There was another sketch that I made one weekend that I'm pretty proud of. I was excited about the prospect of having some time to sketch and had mentioned to one of my co workers that I had all of this ambition, but not really much to sketch. He suggested that I draw someone playing a banjo. I think it had something to do with his passion for playing said instrument, as well as being a fan of bluegrass music.
Immediately, I got an image in my head of a bear, on a tree stump, picking away at a banjo with a big grin on his face. This is what came out:

Well, that's all I'm putting up for now. Until I get some of these KMB sketches done, and maybe some of my other ideas which were given to me by someone else (have to be honest, you know?).
Don't forget to comment constructively, about what you both like and hate about these two sketches.


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