Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nevermind the 'Further more' . . .

You know, one of the greatest things about naming this blog 'Some Guy With a Pen', is that it implies that there's pen used in there somewhere. Mostly, I've been posting sketches and such, but I'm kind of hoping to flex my writing muscles today and throw some thoughts down on RGB color-formatted, digitally historical archives.
I've been having the craziest time lately.
I've had to fend off three crazy people in the past two months(three too many, if you ask me! People should just be sane and those that aren't should just take a flying leap!), I've been trying to foster a growing freelance career and a marketing company at the same time, I've been preparing for the fact that I'm going to be 35(it's a personal milestone that I set for myself in High School and I haven't accomplished crap that I set out to do, I know Lennon said that 'life is what happens while you're busy making other plans' and TMBG said that 'everybody dies frustrated inside and it's beautiful'. Honestly, though! How much beauty and business can one life hold without me taking a good hard look at my own intentions? Eh, spilled milk and birthday cake depressions, I guess.), and trying to expand as a human being overall.
I'd love to get into detail about each, but I'm not sure how much space the internet has allotted for personal bellyaching today.
Sufficed to say, that I've been in a method of self defense recently that has made me feel like this Swine Flu pandemic might be a good thing, by way of handing out some much needed Darwin Awards to people who think that 'Wash Your Hands' or 'Cover Your Mouth' are just suggestions and nice gestures for those around you. Dumbasses.

One of the most unsurprising/surprising things that was brought to my attention as of recent is that two of my best friends tend to gossip about me behind my back, like grade school girls. Not only is it disappointing on the levels that these two are very close to me and that we've been through a lot together over the 17+ years that we've been friends, but it's also not too much of a surprise to me.
Eh, what can you do?

I've been working on some pretty cool digital illustrations, simply because I just don't have enough of them and I'm having to find myself in front of my computer too much, rather than running or enjoying the sunshine down by the river. Why not put it to a positive use?
When I finish up the four that I currently have on my 'To Do' list, I'm n ot only going to post them here, but also start up a Red Bubble account and try to sell some T Shirts! I've been thinking about it for a while and one of my other art buddies who has taken ill kind of inspired me to do it.

I'm liking the smells of the Spring that have started to come about recently. It's reminding me that right around my birthday is the time when the world around me is reborn and it always strikes a chord with me and inspires me to fight. Very hard.

Well, ever forward.

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